Transportation Map


JAPAN Airport


The easiest way to Keihanna and the Kansai area from abroad is to take a direct flight to Kansai International Airport. Direct Limousine Bus is available between Kansai International Airport and the KEIHANNA PLAZA. The frequency is 1 time per hour. (Time table for the limousine bus can be seen on the following Airport Limousine Bus Timetable).

Transportation from the Airports to KEIHANNA PLAZA

From Kansai Int'l Airport (direct access) :

Kansai Int'l Airport (KIX) / Airport Limousine Bus (95minutes) -->KEIHANNA PLAZA

From Osaka Int'l Airport or OSAKA :

Osaka Int'l Airport / Railways & a Bus (83minutes)

  • -->Senrichuo / Osaka Monorail Line (12minutes)
  • -->Hommachi / Kita Osakakyuko Line & Osaka Subway Midousuji Line (23minutes) [No transfer]
  • -->Gakken-Nara-Tomigaoka / Osaka Subway Chuo Line & Kintetsu Keihanna Line (36minutes) [No transfer]
  • -->KEIHANNA PLAZA / Nara Kotsu Bus- No.41 or 47 (14minutes)

Railway Transportation to KEIHANNA PLAZA

From Kyoto:

Kintetsu Kyoto St. / a Railway [Kyuko=an express train] & a Bus

  • -->Shin-Hosono St. / Kintetsu Kyoto Line. (29 minutes)
  • -->KEIHANNA PLAZA / Nara Kotsu Bus

From Nara:

  • 1.--> Kintetsu Nara St. / Kintetsu Kyoto line (16minutes) [No transfer]
  • 2.-->Kintetsu Nara St. / Kintetsu Nara line (18minutes) [Need transfer for Kyoto line at Saidaji St.]
  • -->KEIHANNA PLAZA / Nara Kotsu Bus

To get KEIHANNA PLAZA from Shin-Hosono St.:

From Kintetsu Shin-Hosono St. & JR Hosono St.:

  • Take Nara Kotsu Bus-No.36, 41, 47 and get off at the bus stop ATR (Keihanna Plaza Higashi). (12 minutes)