Corporate Information

KEIHANNA INTERACTION PLAZA INC. is a core organization of Kansai Science City.
KEIHANNA INTERACTION PLAZA INC. is responsible for establishing and managing the KEIHANNA PLAZA, a cultural & research interaction facility located in Kansai Science City.


Organization Chart

Major Operations

  1. Establish and manage the Communication Centor for Culture, Science and Technology in accordance with Section 5, Article 2 of Kansai Science City Construction Promotion Act (Act No. 72, June 9, 1987).
  2. Plan and implement businesses for enhancing interaction among scholars and researchers with the aim of developing interaction and joint R&D programs for cultural, academic, and research development. Accept commissioned projects for these fields.
  3. Plan, invite, and hold conferences, training and educational programs, exhibitions, and other events related to cultural, scientific, economic, and industrial issues.
  4. Plan and support joint research, render investment and financing related to new product development, and provide guidance and consulting services on management and finance and so on.
  5. Manage leases and operations of laboratories, seminar rooms and facilities, conference rooms, exhibition halls, parking lots, a heliport, and other supplementary facilities.
  6. Operate accommodation facilities.
  7. Investigate, analyze, and provide various information related to cultural, scientific, economic, industrial, research and development issues.
  8. Provide information processing, information communications, information providing, and database services.
  9. Manage leases of scientific equipment, measuring instruments, information and communications equipment, and office machines.
  10. Acquire, maintain, utilize, and dispose of industrial property etc.
  11. Plan, publish, and market publications.
  12. Offer several services as the agencies for travel, advertisement,property & caualty insurance and life insurance.
  13. Conduct any operation associated with each item mentioned above (1 through 12)..