Assists multipurpose interaction

The Main Hall is a symbol of Kansai Science City. The hall is full of state-of-the-art functions to assist multi-purpose interactions, aiming at the creation of a flexible and diversifying space.

The Main Hall was designed by taking all possible applications into consideration ranging from various conventions and concerts to theatrical performances. The hall boasts a large seating capacity of up to 1,000 persons and multipurpose features such as state-of-the-art acoustic and lighting systems,4 simultaneous interpretation booths, and the projection room.

Main hall pattern

1. Concert style 1,000 seats

2. Convention style 642 seats

3. Theater style 853 seats


Floor area 1,352 squere meters
Seating capacity 1,000 seats (fixed: 642, movable: 358)
Ceiling height 17m
Simultaneous interpretation system 4 booths
Reverberation 1.4 to 1.9 seconds
Stage W 16m x H 8m x D 13m (runway available)
Stage mechanism Small sinking stage, Orchestra pit
Back stage Dressing rooms (large, mid, and small-sized)
Waiting rooms (equipped with shower, etc.)
Acoustic system Mixing console, 24 I/P channels, etc.
Lighting system Light processor, Stage lighting
Projection system 35mm slide projector